The Boudoir Experience with Sisters Essence Boudoir

We like to think of your Boudoir photo shoot with us as the perfect little indulgence for yourself; not an extravagance, but a well-deserved reward. We want you to be seen for who you are – in all your glory: sexy, sensuous, voluptuous, dreamy, passionate, exciting, intense, smart, physical, and strong.

We are lots of fun and we want our girls to have fun while feeling comfortable in their own beautiful bodies during our photo shoots. We strive to be creative and to bring an artistic approach to every photo shoot so it will be an amazing experience for you.

A Boudoir photography session can be intimidating but only for the first few minutes, we assure you. It’s actually a BLAST!!! We will make you feel pampered, gorgeous, feminine, and confident! We shoot to your comfort and can work with any wardrobe, lingerie or props you have in mind. Most women opt for sexy lacy lingerie or something they feel truly beautiful and womanly in. We can also use flowing scarves and other accessories, like favorite jewelry, a hat, or of course, your highest heels.

Great Perks When Working With Us:

  • Warm and welcoming atmosphere
  • Laidback and patient – we’re never uptight!
  • Very professional
  • We want to know your passions – What makes you come alive
  • Refreshments and snacks served including coffee, tea, fruits, veggies, etc.
  • We assist in professional styling with the outfits you bring to your Boudoir shoot.
  • We pamper you with beauty treatments including having your hair and makeup done by a licensed cosmetologist, who also happens to be one of our amazing photographers. Your hair and makeup is done to compliment the outfits you bring and to compliment your physical attributes so the entire look all flows beautifully together, thus achieving the most Striking images.

Boudoir Posing
– We believe posing is personal but we’re also extremely educated and knowledgeable on what poses will compliment your physical attributes the most. We’ve taken courses strictly on posing. Every aspect from the tip of your head, to the tip of your nose, to the way you position your body – we know how to achieve the positions that will accentuate your best feature as well as capture your personality.

Do we photograph real women? Yes! We’ve never hired models of any size. All of the women in our photos are all real women. Boudoir is for every single BODY, and each pose gives us another portrayal of your personality. Do you sometimes feel a bit wild? A bit shy? Do you sometimes feel both at once? We portray all of this in the poses. Your personality is such a big part of what makes you beautiful and uniquely YOU!

Retouching – We do light retouching on every image unless asked otherwise. When editing images, we normally remove stretch marks, any skin irritations or hives, blemishes, and bruises but we do believe in leaving scars, freckles, birthmarks, and moles. The reason we love leaving scars is because this hits close to home since one of our photographers, Sarah, has scars from reconstructive surgery from beating breast cancer and they are a part of whats makes her strong, a piece of the story that is her own. There is often nothing more beautiful than the parts we think we need to hide from the world.

We always ask, for example, “Oh I see you had knee surgery, would you like me to remove the scar from photos?” If you want to leave that scar because it’s part of your story and makes you – you – then we’ll gladly leave it. We firmly support being perfectly imperfect…aren’t we all that way, after all?

We are so excited to work with you and make you feel beautiful and empowered! Take some time and do this for you!

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