Meet The Sisters

Get to know us and our hearts

Sarah – She is an Iraqi veteran who has bravely fought for our country’s continued freedom. If that isn’t amazing enough, she’s also a breast cancer survivor! She is such a strong woman and is able to embody her femininity so gracefully at the same time. Sarah is a loving devoted mother and wife. She enjoys cooking for her loved ones and they enjoy eating her food! And she obviously loves taking photos!

Due to Sarah’s courageous past, we have created a special package for “Loving Your New Body After Cancer” and we will give any veteran (past or present) 10% off their photography session to show our gratitude for all of the sacrifices you have made to defend our country.

Joree – She is a licensed cosmetologist and has an incredible gift for hair and makeup artistry. Her lifelong passion has been to make women feel beautiful and powerful. Being a loving mother of 3 children, she understands what it means to feel insecure about body image after having children. She wants women to embrace their bodies as they are. She also is a wife to a wonderful and supportive husband. She loves spending time with her husband and children and enjoys watching her children play in sports. In addition to loving photography, she is a huge movie buff and loves to travel!

A photo can last a lifetime. Life is short…Cherish the memories in pictures forever. Whether you have overcome an illness or loss or are celebrating an exciting time or season in life, a photo can bring you back to that exact moment and last for an eternity.