You are the only one holding you back from a beautiful Boudoir Photography Experience…

Over the years,  there have been 5 main reasons why women feel boudoir is not for them. Take a look and read why we explain how and why these are not true.

I have to have a perfect body.

This couldn’t be further than the truth. The world has made us to believe that we have to have this magazine image to be “perfect”. Well, no woman has the perfect body – honestly no woman does because “perfect” is not a true reality. We all have flaws and imperfections but that is what makes us uniquely gorgeous. You don’t have to be a size 0 to experience Boudoir. In fact, all shapes and sizes look incredibly beautiful in our photos. Love yourself, stop putting your body down, and take the leap. You will be so happy you did!

I don’t have a partner to share the photos with.

You don’t need to have a significant other to get photos taken! They can be just for you. And why not?! Don’t you deserve to have images of yourself that you feel beautiful in and can feel feminine and empowered every time you look at them? Absolutely you do. With every passing day, we are a little older. Making time stop for just a moment to capture your alluring self will be something you will be so happy you did.

I don’t want to be nude in photos or wear sexy lingerie.

You don’t need to be naked nor do you need to wear sexy, revealing lingerie. You can wear whatever you feel beautiful and sexy in! That could even mean an oversized t-shirt and sexy little shorts or whatever you want. We simply ask that you bring some of your favorite pieces of lingerie or clothing that you feel sexy in and we’ll help you create a beautiful look to rock in your photo shoot. It can even be leggings and a tank top you feel best in. It’s completely up to you but of course we’re here to offer our advice and creative expertise when asked.

I can’t afford to have my photos taken.

It is true that having professional photos taken isn’t cheap. But aren’t you worth it? We may be more expensive than other photographers in the Madison, WI area but we promise we’re worth it. We offer quality work and images and you will feel comfortable from the moment you speak on the phone with us. Beautiful images are an investment in yourself and they will last a lifetime. We know you will be beyond pleased with our work. We also offer special packages and promotions. We can discuss this further with you when we speak on the phone.

Thousands of dollars are spent on outfits to trend with the latest fashion. Hundreds are spent on a purse or a pair of shoes. Unlike these things, your boudoir experience with Sisters Essence Photography will last you a lifetime. A lifetime of looking back at your still framed beauty that only gets more meaningful with age. Your purse will go out of fashion, your shoes will wear down but through these images; your beauty will always be remembered.

I don’t want my images to be found on the internet for other people to see.

We are extremely respectful of your wishes when it comes to sharing. This will not happen unless you give us your consent to use your photos for advertising and marketing material. We have you sign a consent form and everything is documented so if you request for us not to use your images online, we abide by that. Our clients’ requests and privacy are incredibly important to us and we would never share your private images online without your consent. We take your privacy very seriously.

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